Untold Engine  Beta v0.0.11.3
API Documentation
Untold Engine API

This document contains the API Classes documentation for the Untold Engine, An easy to use, open source, 3D game engine for iOS/macOS game development.

The best way to start using the Untold Engine is to visit the docs pages. Once you get an understanding of the API, then browsing through this document will be a lot easier.


If you wish to get support, please visit our support page


If you wish to download the Untold Engine, visit our Github Page

Current Version

Beta version v0.0.11.3. See current Release Notes for improvement and fixes.


The Untold Engine is licensed under the LGPL v2.1. This means that if you develop a game using the Untold Engine, you do not need to open source your game. However, if you create a derivative of the Untold Engine, then you must apply the rules stated in the LGPL v2.1. That is, you must open source the derivative work.

It took me five years to develop the Untold Engine. So, do not remove my name from the files :).

Contributing to Untold Engine

Since this project has barely been released as an open-source, I am not taking Pull-Request yet. I want to complete the documentation and write more tutorials before allowing Pull-Request.

If you want to help out, I would appreciate if you could report back any bugs you encounter. Make sure to report them at our Github issues, so we all have access to them.

Thank you.

Once I feel that the documentation is ready, I will allow Pull-Request.


My name is Harold Serrano, and I developed the Untold Engine, an open source 3D game engine written in C++ and Metal Graphics (API).