Getting Started


Download the Untold Engine from our Github page


To run the engine, you need the following tools:

Setup the Untold Engine

Once you have downloaded the Untold Engine, let's run it to make sure everything works correctly.

Set Xcode configurations

Before you can run the engine, you need to disable the GPU Frame Capture and Metal API Validation.

To disable these configurations, click on your Active Scheme in Xcode and click on Edit Scheme.

On the new Window, click on Options and disable GPU Frame Capture and Metal API Validation. This video shows how to disable these configurations.

Run the Untold Engine

Before you run the engine, make sure to select a target device as shown in this video

Once this is done, click on Run. The engine should render the following:


Untold Engine Project Organization

The Untold Engine contains several folders.

  • The main source code of the Untold Engine is found in the UntoldEngine4D folder.
  • Game files are found in the Game folder.
  • Game resources (textures, images, etc) are found in the Resources folder.
  • Target Specific code are found in the respective Untold4D iOS, and Untold4D macOS folder.